1 August 2010
Deluxe Editions of Rainbow Rising and Down To Earth

Universal are preparing Deluxe Editions of Rainbow Rising and Down To Earth. Rising contains two mixes of the original album on disc one. Disc two has what are being called 'rough mixes' of the album and two tracks from the early rehearsals.

Down To Earth has the original album with the two 7 Inch Single B-Sides "Bad Girl" and "Weiss Heim". Disc two has 'rough instrumental mixes' plus "Spark Don’t Mean A Fire" (which became later "No Time To Lose") and "Ain't A Lot Of Love In The Heart Of Me"

The Deluxe Editions are expected to get released in Japan on 8 September and in Europe they are due to be released on 25 October, 2010.

Down To Earth Deluxe Edition

Down To Earth
Disc 1: Original Album
1. All Night Long (3:52)
2. Eyes Of The World (6:39)
3. No Time To Lose (3:42)
4. Makin’ Love (4:36)
5. Since You Been Gone (3:17)
6. Love’s No Friend (4:52)
7. Danger Zone (4:28)
8. Lost In Hollywood (4:51)
9. Bad Girl (7” Single B-Side, POSP 70) (4:50)
10. Weiss Heim (7” Single B-Side, POSP 104) (5:14)

Disc 2: Down To Earth – A Work In Progress (Previously Unreleased Bonus Tracks)
1. All Night Long (Instrumental Outtake) (4:41)
2. Eyes Of The World (Instrumental Outtake) (6:50)
3. Spark Don’t Mean A Fire (3:50)
4. Makin’ Love (Instrumental Outtake) (4:44)
5. Since You Been Gone (Instrumental Outtake) (4:00)
6. Ain’t A Lot Of Love In The Heart Of Me (4:58)
7. Danger Zone (Instrumental Outtake) (5:29)
8. Lost In Hollywood (Instrumental Outtake) (4:01)
9. Bad Girl (Instrumental Outtake) (5:02)
10. Ain’t A Lot Of Love In The Heart Of Me
(Alternative Outtake – Take 2 with mixed down vocal) (5:22)
11. Eyes Of The World (Instrumental Outtake – Take 2) (6:09)
12. All Night Long (Cozy Powell Mix) (3:54)

Rainbow Rising Disc 1:
(New York Mix):
1. Tarot Woman (6:05)
2. Run With The Wolf (3:43)
3. Starstruck (4:08)
4. Do You Close Your Eyes (3:00)
5. Stargazer (8:31)
6. A Light In The Black (8:11)
(Los Angeles Mix):
1. Tarot Woman (6:04)
2. Run With The Wolf (3:45)
3. Starstruck (4:04)
4. Do You Close Your Eyes (2:58)
5. Stargazer (8:22)
6. A Light In The Black (8:11)

Rainbow Rising Disc 2:
Previously Unreleased Bonus Tracks:
1. Tarot Woman (Rough Mix) (6:06)
2. Run With The Wolf (Rough Mix) (3:49)
3. Starstruck (Rough Mix) (4:04)
4. Do You Close Your Eyes (Rough Mix) (3:04)
5. Stargazer (Rough Mix) (9:08)
6. A Light In The Black (Rough Mix) (8:12)
7. Stargazer (Pirate Sound Tour Rehearsal) (11:29)
8. A Light In The Black (Pirate Sound Tour Rehearsal) (9:49)

1 August 2010
The Voices Of Rainbow

The Voices Of Rainbow Live in Japan 2010

Ex-Rainbow singers Joe Lynn Turner, Graham Bonnet and Doogie White are scheduled to tour in Japan in September as "The Voices Of Rainbow". This is certain to be an amazing experience for Rainbow fans. Joe Lynn Turner and Graham Bonnet have done a couple of double bill shows before to great success. However, this is the first time they will be joined by Rainbow's last singer Doogie White.

Joe Lynn Turner with Akira Kajiyama: Toshio Egawa, Atsushi Hasegawa, Kenichi Fujimoto.
Alcatrazz featuring Graham Bonnet: Howie Simon, Tim Luce and Jeff Bowders.
Doogie White: Guest vocal.

Sep 27, 2010 Big Cat Osaka, Japan
Sep 29, 2010 Bottom Line Nagoya, Japan
Sep 30, 2010 Shibuya C.C. Lemon Hall Tokyo, Japan

More info about the tour can be found here.

13 June 2010
Ronnie James Dio RIPRonnie James Dio 1942-2010

As you all know by now Ronnie James Dio sadly died early on the morning of May 16th 2010 after battling with stomach cancer. Our prayers and thoughts are with Ronnie’s friends and family. We have lost a generous and extraordinary human being and an astonishing musician and singer. He will be deeply missed!

Some of Ronnie’s friends and colleges had this to say:

"Ronnie had a unique and wonderful voice. He will be sadly missed in the rock and roll world." -Ritchie Blackmore

"A huge part of my life just disappeared. Words are not enough, emotions are too much. My sincere condolences to Ronnie's family and friends." -Roger Glover

"Such sad news about Ronnie James Dio's passing...I thought he was healing. We not only lost a legend but we lost a friend. Ronnie was a true gentleman of rock...always kind and giving. I was proud to know him....everyone he touched was raised higher. His energy and legacy will live on...and a fellow member of Rainbow...will continue to sing his praises and songs. May God hold him in his hands...RIP" -Joe Lynn Turner

''I was very sad to hear of Ronnie's passing, he was one of the best singers and writers ever, and every time I saw him he was a total gentleman, he will be greatly missed but never forgotten.'' -Bobby Rondinelli

"It was a horrible day yesterday. I want to thank him for being a good friend, and drawing the map for me, when I was in doubt of the role I would play in Rainbow. My musical background was so different from his but I listened and learned the way to be a replacement, as such and followed the master of hard rock singing, and the name he used to call me "Gray"...the only American that abbreviated my name that was funny to hear...Thanks Ron !!...and Wendy I know will keep him in her heart forever...My love goes out to him and his family...only one Ronnie!" -Graham Bonnet

"Today, with the sad passing of my friend and colleague, the world has lost a great man. Not only was he a unique singer, musician and writer, he was a very special human being. Long live Rock ‘n’ Roll and long live the memory of the great Ronnie James Dio. He’ll be sadly missed in many ways, bless him." -Bob Daisley

"A very great man lost his life today. Ronnie James Dio was one of, if not the greatest singer I ever heard. I remember trembling when I heard Rainbow Rising such was the passion and energy not only from Ritchie´s guitar but from that voice that shone above all else. He was also a jolly decent chap who had time for all fans come rain, wind or shine.

I first met Ronnie 10 years or so ago and he said " Ah! so ( maybe he had been in Japan) you are Doogie, I know who you are but never knew what you looked like. Come in son and have a glass of wine, is red okay?" This was back stage at the Wembley Arena. He dedicated Man On The Silver Mountain to me that night saying "to my new friend Doogie, you may have sung it, but I sang it first".

We met a few times after that and discussed the loss of his thumb in the bizzare gardening accident. We agreed gardening was the new RnR. I had a tremendous affection for the man. He was kind, considerate and wonderful fun. My thoughts at this time go out to Wendy and to the extended Dio family. You do know how much he was and is loved, for his music, his singing, his humanity.

Catch the Rainbow.. Ronnie.. Catch the Rainbow." -Doogie White

"It is a sad sad day. I have lost someone who I looked up to as a teenager and that person became my good friend. I shared many laughs, stories, drinks and good times with him on and off the road. Ronnie I will miss you terribly and always think fondly of the times we spent together and of your tremendous talent. Till we meet again my friend!" -Greg Smith

6 March 2010
Over The Rainbow returns to Sweden

Over The Rainbow will perform at this year's Rockweekend Festival on 9 July. This will be Over The Rainbow's 4th show here in Sweden. The festival takes place at Mohed's airfield, which is situated 10 km outside of Soderhamn. Full list of concert dates can be viewed here.

16 September 2009
Competition; Win tickets to Over The Rainbow concert in Malmo

In order to make Over The Rainbow’s return to Sweden even more festive we’re having a competition in collaboration with KB, in which two lucky fans will be fortunate enough to win 2 tickets each to the concert in Malmo 13 October.

To be in with a chance of winning, simply answer the questions below along with your name and city in an email to: [removed] no later than 2 October. Please put "OTR Malmo" in the subject line.

1. What was the title of the first Rainbow album with Joe Lynn Turner?
2. Bobby Rondinelli has played at KB before as a support act to Glenn Hughes. What was the name of that band?

Winners will be selected at random from all those who have answered the questions correctly, and will be informed by email. Only one entry per person.

Clue: All answers are available at the site. Good luck!

8 August 2009
Over The Rainbow exclusive interview

To celebrate that Over The Rainbow returns to Sweden for two more shows this year, we have been granted an exclusive interview with both Joe Lynn Turner and Bobby Rondinelli. And the best part of it is that you the fans are free to send in your questions for Joe and Bobby. So please send in your questions no later than 15 August to: [removed]

I know it’s a bit of short notice. However, I’ll try to stretch the date if Joe’s and Bobby’s schedule will allow it. If so, I’ll let you know. Looking forward to your questions.

6 August 2009
Over The Rainbow returns to Sweden

Over The Rainbow returns to Sweden for two more shows in October. 12 October at Tradgar'n in Gothenburg and 13 October at KB in Malmo. For full list of tour dates please look at their MySpace site.

6 August 2009
Press conference at Sweden Rock Festival

Here are two film clips from Over The Rainbow’s press conference at Sweden Rock Festival on 4 June 2009. Clip 1 & Clip 2.

24 May 2009
More US dates for Over The Rainbow

Some more US dates for Over The Rainbow has been announced.

July - 3 - 09 Toyota Park Bridgefield, Illinois
July - 4 - 09 Downtown Street Festival El Paso, Texas

For more info about Over The Rainbow go to their MySpace site.

21 April 2009
US dates for Over The Rainbow

Over The Rainbow has announced the following dates for their first US tour. More dates will be added soon.

July - 6 - 09 Ocean City Music Pier Ocean City, NJ
July - 8 - 09 Palace of Auburn Hills Auburn Hills, MI (Opening for Bachman Turner Overdrive)
July - 10 - 09 Crocodile Rock Cafe Allentown, PA
July - 11 - 09 The Stone Pony Asbury Park, NJ.

If you are on Twitter you can follow Joe Lynn Turner on his official Twitter page.

8 April 2009
Over The Rainbow to Sweden Rock Festival

Over The Rainbow - the new band featuring former Rainbow musicians Joe Lynn Turner, Bobby Rondinelli, Tony Carey, and Greg Smith alongside the son of the iconic Rainbow founder/guitarist Ritchie Blackmore, Jürgen Blackmore — will play at the Sweden Rock Festival on 4 June, 2009.

Before the band comes to Sweden they will play three shows in Japan. The dates are as follows:

Apr. 27 - Namba Hatch - Osaka, JPN
Apr. 29 - Diamond Hall - Nagoya, JPN
May 01 - Kosei-Nenkin Hall - Tokyo, JPN

For Japanese fans, this will be their first glimpse at the younger Blackmore in their country. Jürgen "J.R." Blackmore is looking forward to handling guitar duties for Over The Rainbow in a country that has always embraced the melodic hard rock sound that made Rainbow famous. He says, "I have never been to Japan before but it was always my big dream. So, my dream comes true, to meet the Japanese rock fans live."

Drummer Bobby Rondinelli reminisces, "Japan was always like a second home for Rainbow and I'm really looking forward to going home with Over The Rainbow."

Some of the most memorable shows in Rainbow’s history took place at the legendary Budokan arena. Singer Joe Lynn Turner recalls, "Those concerts at the Budokan were among the greatest highlights of my career. I have since gone back and played many shows in Japan as a solo artist and with other projects. The audiences in Japan are among the best in the world. They have kept the spirit of classic melodic hard rock alive."

Keyboardist Tony Carey adds, "The last time I played in Japan was in 1976 with Rainbow. I had a great time and now, all these years later, we're coming back to rock the house down. You might not need to lock up your daughters anymore — but wear heavy shoes or we'll blow you off your feet."

Over The Rainbow is:

Joe Lynn Turner (Rainbow 1980-1984) - Vocals
Tony Carey (Rainbow 1975-1978) - Keyboards
Bobby Rondinelli (Rainbow 1980-1983) - Drums
Greg Smith (Rainbow 1994-1997) - Bass
Jürgen "J.R." Blackmore - Guitar

For more info about Over The Rainbow check out their MySpace page.

Footnote: At this years Sweden Rock Festival there will actually be three ex-Rainbow singers performing; Joe Lynn Turner with Over The Rainbow, Ronnie James Dio with Heaven & Hell and Doogie White with Tank.

11 April 2008
Important bulletin for media and fans of Joe Lynn Turner

This is an important bulletin for media and fans of Joe Lynn Turner!

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If you would like to send us links to webzines and other media outlets
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14 March 2008
Rainbow - up close and personal

Graham Bonnet and Joe Lynn Turner look back at one of rock's most breathtaking bands!

This is the true story of hard rock legends Rainbow, up close and personal, as told by those who toured and recorded with the band.

Featuring intimate insights from Ritchie Blackmore, lead vocalists Ronnie James Dio, Graham Bonnet, Joe Lynn Turner and Doogie White, together with bassists Bob Daisley and drummer Bobby Rondinelli, this is the definitive telling of the Rainbow story.

Best of all, you can watch the whole of this film free at

20 January 2008
Back To The Rainbow live in Finland

Ex-Rainbow singers Joe Lynn Turner and Graham Bonnet are scheduled to appear on a double bill as Back To The Rainbow at the Sauna Open Air festival, set to take place June 6-8 2008 in Tampere, Finland. This is certain to be an amazing experience for Rainbow fans. The dynamic duo did a couple of double bill shows last year to great success.

25 December 2007
"Live In Nürnberg 1976" 2 CD set finally releasedLive In Nurnberg 1976 CD

Live In Nürnberg 1976 the last of the 3 shows from Rainbow’s 1976 tour of Germany has finally been released. Düsseldorf and Cologne are already available also as 2 CD sets.

Live In Nürnberg 1976 is newly mixed from the multi-tracks, and issued to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the band's first world tour (in Japan this title was previously released in May 2006 as part of a 6 CD box containing all 3 shows). It comes with an 8 page colour booklet of notes and pictures. As before the 2 CD set features the regular set list from that tour:

Kill The King / Mistreated / Sixteenth Century Greensleeves / Catch The Rainbow / Man On The Silver Mountain / Stargazer / Still I'm Sad / Do You Close Your Eyes.

14 May 2006
Joe Lynn Turner & New Japan Philharmonic performing tribute to Rainbow

Joe Lynn Turner is one of the guests doing a special Rainbow tribute set in Tokyo, Japan on 4 August 2006 at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space. The band will play alongside the New Japan Philharmonic for the concert titled "Tribute to Rainbow: Over the Rainbow".

More info (in Japanese) can be found here and a concert poster here.

14 May 2006
Live In Munich 1977 double audio CDLive In Munich 1977 2-CD

The concert from Munich, Germany 1977 will be released as a double audio CD. Live In Munich 1977 will be released on June 13 on Eagle Records.

Disc One:
1. Kill The King
2. Mistreated
3. Sixteenth Century Greensleeves
4. Catch The Rainbow
5. Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll

Disc Two:
1. Man On The Silver Mountain
2. Still I’m Sad
3. Do You Close Your Eyes

The concert is also schedule for a DVD release this summer, see below.

19 December 2005
Rainbow Live In Germany 1977 DVD

The Rainbow concert in Munich, Germany, 1977, one of the most eagerly awaited releases ever, is being prepared for official release at last. This is the only known concert by the Blackmore / Powell / Dio incarnation to be filmed in full. It will appear first in Japan, probably as a two-disc set, it will then appear in the rest of the world early in 2006 but as a single disc release.

The European edition will contain an extra commentary, written by Rainbow biographer Roy Davies, extra packaging, etc. As well as the full concert (including guitar demolition and some great shots of the famous electronic rainbow), there are interviews, extra Rainbow promos etc. This show has been bootlegged extensively in a number of formats, but this new release will be pristine quality with remastered audio. Those who have seen the test copy say it’s excellent. For those who never saw Rainbow in their early days, a real treat. For those who did, a reminder of what an awesome band they were at the time.

You can see the artwork here and you can pre-order at DPAS mail order.

13 September 2005
Rainbow: English Castle Magic

Writer Martin Popoff has released his new book, Rainbow: English Castle Magic. The 227 page book tells the story about Rainbow from the early days with Ronnie James Dio up to its last reincarnation with Doogie White, album by album, song by song.

Here's the hype from the back cover:

The Man In Black…

His name is Ritchie Blackmore and his reputation is legion. But is it warranted? Find out now, as we look at the man’s career as reigning lord over the constantly evolving consortium of monster talents known as Rainbow.

Ronnie James Dio, Joe Lynn Turner, Graham Bonnet, Roger Glover, Tony Carey, Bobby Rondinelli, Bob Daisley, Jimmy Bain, Doogie White, and of course Ritchie himself… they all get their say through pages and pages of previously unpublished interview footage, on what makes the Man In Black tick, his pranks, his sly hirings and swift firings.

And of course, there’s the music. From the raw and fiery Dio years, through the classic Down To Earth album, the smooth crooning Joe Lynn Turner era and into one final under-rated record fronted by Doogie White, it’s all examined here… track by track, fascinating tale by trick.

Rainbow is the band that wrote Man On The Silver Mountain, Sixteenth Century Greensleeves, Stargazer, A Light In The Black, Tarot Woman, Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll, Gates Of Babylon, All Night Long, Eyes Of The World, Spotlight Kid, Can’t Happen Here, Stone Cold, Street Of Dreams, Can’t Let You Go and Hunting Humans, and this is the book you should read to find out WHY!

For ordering info click here and for cover click here.

21 August 2005
Black Masquerade live "In Concert"

Cornerstone featuring Doogie White has just released their new live album "In Concert", recorded on their first European tour earlier this year. "In Concert" is a double CD featuring 'Black Masquerade' from the Rainbow album "Stranger In Us All".

27 April 2005
Bobby Rondinelli & The Lizards returns to Sweden

The Lizards starts today yet another European tour as support act to Ian Hunter in Oslo, Norway and then they will continue to tour as support act to UFO. The Lizards will also visit the Sweden Rock Festival on 10 June. Complete tour dates can be found at The Lizards site.

11 February 2005
Bobby Rondinelli interview

Have you ever wanted to ask Bobby that Rainbow question? Or how he ended up in Black Sabbath? Well, here’s your chance to do so. We’ve been granted an interview with Bobby Rondinelli when The Lizards comes to Sweden. The Lizards & Bobby will start their European tour in England on 11 February 2005 as support act to Glenn Hughes, for tour dates see The Lizards site. If you have any question/s for Bobby please email them to [removed] no later then 26 February.

30 January 2005
The Lizards featuring Bobby Rondinelli to tour Sweden

The Lizards featuring Bobby Rondinelli will do a European tour as support act to Glenn Hughes. The tour will start in England on 11 February 2005. There will be a total of 5 shows in Sweden, which the first one will be in Västerås on 21 February 2005. Complete tour dates can be found at The Lizards site and at the Glenn Hughes site.

22 January 2005
Cornerstone Featuring Doogie White On Tour

Cornerstone featuring Doogie White is currently on their first European tour and will be playing a gig at The Rock in Copenhagen on 12 February 2005. Complete tour dates can be found here. Apparently ‘Black Masquerade’ from the “Stranger In Us All” album is featured in the live set.

21 December 2004
JLT's new album "The Usual Suspects"

Joe Lynn Turner has recently finished the recordings of his new solo album “The Usual Suspects”, which will be released in Europe on 21 February 2005. "I have been defined many times in my career and identified with many rock genres from blues to metal. This particular album is a return to my more melodic rock sound", says Turner, adding, "In a sense, it is where I come from according to people who first got to know my work with Rainbow". “The Usual Suspects” features also two additional former members of Rainbow John O.Reilly (drums) and Paul Morris (keyboards). Three tracks are available as short mp3 clips: Power Of Love; Devil's Door & All Alone.

19 September 2004
INSIDE RAINBOW 1975-1997 DVD (2 Discs + Book)

Rainbow was the band that shaped the face of hard rock for three decades. They produced a string of world wide hit singles and albums. This is the first ever DVD release to feature this legendary band. Disc 2 takes up the story from Graham Bonnet to Stranger In Us All, the final Rainbow album.

This is the long awaited critical review of the music of Rainbow during the crucial period from 1975-1979 when the creative partnership of Ritchie Blackmore and Ronnie James Dio took the band to the very top of the rock world. This unique film uses rare footage of Rainbow on stage coupled with the incisive views of a leading team of music critics, working musicians and former Rainbow front man Doogie White to discover the influences that shaped some of the greatest hard rock music ever recorded Inside Rainbow is the first complete critical guide to the music created between 1975 and 1997. Authoritative and comprehensive, this remarkable critical guide features extracts from rare performances previously unavailable on DVD. Every album from the period is examined, reviewed and critically assessed to discover how the music worked and why... And sometimes why it didn’t. You can be sure no punches are pulled on this full blooded critical journey.

A book is also enclosed in this 2 DVD set - A comprehensive track by track critical analysis of every Rainbow studio album from 1975-1997, written by Jerry Bloom, editor of MBTP.

The preliminary release date for this 2 DVD + book set is 8 November 2004.

6 September 2004
This incisive critical review is the first ever DVD to feature extensive footage of the Dio line up in concert. Also featured is an extensive interview with former Rainbow front man Doogie White. This is the definitive critical study of one of the finest hard rock bands to ever to emerge from the UK. Preliminary release date is 13 September.

24 February 2004
Have you ever wanted to ask Joe that Rainbow question? Or Glenn how he ended up in DP? Well here’s your chance to do so. We’ve been granted an interview with Joe Lynn Turner & Glenn Hughes when they come to Scandinavia in late March. Joe & Glenn are currently on tour with HTP, for tour dates see Joe’s official site.
If you have any questions for Joe & Glenn please email them before 20 March.

20 January 2004
Joe Lynn Turner & Glenn Hughes from HTP were interviewed on the Rockline radio show on 15 January. When Joe was asked if he was still in contact with Ritchie Blackmore, Joe replied that contact has been recently renewed. Apparently Joe will sing a duet with Candice on the next Blackmore’s Night album. Joe & Glenn also mentioned that they will probably start recording the next HTP album in October 2004.

18 January 2004

Cornerstone featuring Doogie White will be playing a gig at Vega in Copenhagen on 20 February 2004. The London show is cancelled.

2 January 2004
HTP featuring Joe Lynn Turner & Glenn Hughes will be touring Europe this spring with shows in both Sweden and Denmark. 24 March, Copenhagen, Denmark; 28 March, Stockholm, Sweden. See the full tour list at Glenn’s official site. Expect lots of Rainbow and Deep Purple material at the shows.

Cornerstone featuring Doogie White will do two warm up shows before taking on a more extensive tour later in the year. 28 February Copenhagen, Denmark at TEX rescheduled; 6 March Fulham London, UK at Kings Head cancelled.

6 September 2003
A DVD of Don Airey will soon be released. The DVD will contain a lengthy interview taped in London on 4 August 2003, about Don’s work with Cozy Powell's Hammer, Rainbow, Whitesnake, Gary Moore, Deep Purple etc. The DVD features also live footage and video clips. The DVD is planned to be released in November.

29 March 2003
Yet another Rainbow compilation has been released. Catch The Rainbow: The Anthology a double CD containing 28 digitally remastered tracks. When will we get a new live album by Rainbow? Rainbow Live At Donington 1980 for instance. Now that would be something to get exited about.

8 September 2002
The Rainbow Rising (the story of Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow) book is out now. This is a true gem and a must-have for any serious Ritchie Blackmore fan. You can order the book by contacting MBTP.