Joe Lynn Turner

Classic Trax: Rainbow's Straight Between The Eyes by lead vocalist Joe Lynn Turner.

Q) Who came up with the idea for the cover?

A) The record label hired a graphic design company to do the artwork. While the band or management usually approves the final cover art used, the artist does not always come up with the initial idea.

Q) Did you believe that this album would make you a Rock Star?

A) A rock is an inanimate object and star is a ball of gas. I never thought of becoming a rock star. I was in it for the music.

Q) What do you most remember about being in the studio recording this album?

A) "Straight Between The Eyes" was the result of a memorable recording session in Montreal's Le Studio---both in the control room and behind-the- scenes! The Le Studio environment made an impact on me right away. The Police had just finished their "Ghost In The Machine" album, there. The environment was also notable...with a beautiful "band house" on the property...maids, fine amenities, beautiful surroundings including a frozen lake where the band enjoyed scenic inspiration and played hockey. I remember one night when me and Roger Glover were a little "over" confident. Roger and I decided that it would be a great night to take a walk on the frozen lake. After getting almost halfway across we started to hear the 'crack crack' of the ice below us. Luckily we laid down, and started crawling back to the shore. We were lucky we didn't fall in the lake!" It's a little known fact but the wintery world surrounding Le Studio helped set the mood for the recording of "Stone Cold." As I was laying down my vocal tracks, there was a blizzard outside. Overall, it was a great environment to record in.

Classic Rock Revisited, February 2003 (edited)

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