Interview with Bobby Rondinelli

To celebrate that Over The Rainbow returns to Sweden for two more shows this year, we were granted an exclusive interview with both Joe Lynn Turner and Bobby Rondinelli. And the best part of it was that you the fans could send in your questions. Welcome to this exclusive Bobby Rondinelli interview.

Sweden Rock Festival 09 © Paul DeblondSince Ritchie is my favourite guitarist I have a few questions about him. How do you see Ritchie Blackmore as a person? Why do you think that Ritchie often changed musicians in Rainbow? Who is your favourite singer? /Vaclav - Czech Republic

Ritchie's personality can be as explosive as his playing, but I had a great time playing with him. I think Ritchie ,is a true original there are about 4 or 5 guys that when you hear a couple of notes you know who they are, and Ritchie is one of them, plus he created his own style and wrote more great riffs than just about anyone. I think he changes musicians a lot because I think he liked new energy coming in the band to keep it fresh. Paul Rogers is my favorite singer, and Joe is right up there.

Have any record companies come forward looking for you guys to record some new music? /Joe - USA

Yes we have some interest, at some point we will go into the studio.

Since the formation of the band Over The Rainbow is a 'celebration of the music of Rainbow' with 4/5ths of the members being former member of this band; then in consideration of a future album, could it still be possible to include former Over The Rainbow keyboardist Tony Carey to contribute in the writing and creating process for the new album, as well as current keyboardist Paul Morris? I ask this because I know Mr. Carey was a big part of this band prior to his departure after the Japan tour and his contribution to an album would still be very valuable at least to this fan. /Julie - USA

I talk to Tony quite a bit, anything is possible, he is a great writer and player, our main concern is his health.

Sweden Rock Festival 09 © Paul DeblondBobby, when or what year did you switch from the double bass set up on stage to the single bass set up with the double bass still being triggered? Is this more a stylistic choice or an economical choice in doing this? I am just curious because for one I see some veteran drummer with still a double bass set up and others with a single bass set up using the triggering system they have in place. I just seem to remember you having a double bass set up for The Straight Between The Eyes tour in 1982, which I saw on video as Live Between The Eyes? /Julie - USA

There is no triggering, it's called a double pedal, both pedals hit the same drum, no tricks, it is exactly the same as 2 bass drums playing wise it's just that 2 beaters hit the same drum. I always enjoyed play 1 bass drum because it felt more natural to me but I loved the sound of double bass, so I played 2 bass drums, them the double pedal was invented so I switched to that.

When did you realize you wanted be a drummer and who were your early influences?

I knew I wanted to be a drummer when I saw the Beatles, Ringo, Ginger Backer, Carmine Appice, and Dino Dinelli and Buddy Rich, were my earliest influences.

Sweden Rock Festival 09 © Paul DeblondWhat have been the most memorable live shows for you and why?

Rainbow at The Garden will always be special to me, even though my mother a had a heart attack at the end of the show.

What do you like doing with your spare time outside of music?

I collect drums, knives and some watches.

What’s the status on the Lizards? Do you still play with them?

The Lizards are on hiatus but we will probably record again, we are still good friends.

Do you play with any other bands between OTR’s tour schedule?

I do gigs with my brother Teddy Rondinelli, and also play with Macho Mama, and I tour with Bonnie Tyler when she plays the US and Canada.

Gothenburg 12 Oct 09 © Paul DeblondWhat are your thoughts about your show at Sweden Rock Festival earlier this year? Do you enjoy playing at festivals or do you prefer clubs/arenas?

I just love playing 20 to 20,000 it's all good. Sweden Rock was this years highlight for me, but the year isn't over.

How did the tribute intro to the late and great Cozy Powell come about?

It was our tour manager and sound man Trank Trzaskorski's idea, and I really like it.

How is it to play with Jurgen? Does he fill his father’s shoes?

Jurgen is great, he's lot's of fun and he plays like a Blackmore, but does things his way, he's his own man.

Message for your fans...

I can't wait to play for you all, see you at the show.

I want to thank Lisa Walker, all of you who has sent in questions and of course a special thanks to Bobby Rondinelli. More info on Bobby can be found here and more info about Over The Rainbow can be found here.

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