1 August 2010Autumn Sky CD
New CD Autumn Sky

Blackmore's Night will release their new album, "Autumn Sky", on September 3 via Spinefarm/Universal throughout the world; and on Sony for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Additional cover art will be used for different territories. The new CD will have 15 songs including a bonus track of Ritchie playing electric guitar with Des Geyers. Song titles set to appear on the CD include "All The Fun of the Faire", "Journeyman", "Vagabond (Make A Princess of Me)" and "Strawberry Girl".

1 August 2010
Ritchie and Candice's first child

Ritchie and Candice recently announced the arrival of their first child, Autumn Esmerelda. Born on 27 May 2010, Autumn Esmerelda weighed in at 7lbs, 4oz.

Ritchie and Candice state: "We are overwhelmingly happy to announce the arrival of our little one, Autumn Esmerelda. She was the inspiration for us making our latest cd Autumn Sky."

6 March 2010
First concert of 2010 will be in Germany

Blackmore's Night will be performing at Kloster Buch, outside Leisnig in Germany on September 5 2010. It will be the first Blackmore's Night concert for 2010. You can purchase tickets now through

For fans attending in costume, please contact Susanne at for special seating, while supplies last.

Blackmore's Night are excited about returning to Germany for this special concert tour and the release of the new CD in 2010.

6 March 2010
Ritchie on two of the greatest live albums of all time

According to Planet Rock, Deep Purple's 1972 double LP "Made In Japan" was voted the 2nd greatest live album of all time in a new poll. Rainbow's "On Stage" came at 37.

Listeners of Planet Rock radio voted in the thousands on the poll, with Thin Lizzy's "Live & Dangerous" beating Deep Purple's "Made In Japan" to the top spot.

The top 5 is as follows:

01. THIN LIZZY - Live & Dangerous
02. DEEP PURPLE - Made In Japan
03. UFO - Strangers In The Night
04. THE WHO - Live At Leeds
05. AC/DC - If You Want Blood, You Got It

See the top 40 poll here.

23 January 2010
Ritchie Blackmore on Facebook

You can now follow and join Ritchie on his Facebook page.

22 January 2010
Blackmore's Night – The Minstrel Hall re-issues 2010

Blackmore's label Minstrel Hall is readying reissues of the first four studio albums Shadow Of The Moon (1997), Under A Violet Moon (1999), Fires At Midnight (2001) and Ghost Of A Rose (2003). The re-issues are planned for an early February 2010 release.

Shadow Of The Moon (MHM001)

Tracks, as per the 1998 UK re-issue/US release. Artwork at the rear loses the BMG logo and gains the MHM logo. The track listing is in a darker/bolder type face. CD artwork and inner rear CD tray artwork now incorporates the central section from the front cover.

Under A Violet Moon (MHM002)

Tracks as per the original UK version. Artwork on rear has the track listing done in a different font and is centralized. The production notes have been removed, and there is the MHM logo. The bands logo appears on the spine of the cover. CD artwork, bands name and album name are in a large font size, and the production notes have been removed. The track listing is again in a new font. CD Booklet is 12 pages long and is different to the original 16 page UK version.

Fires At Midnight (MHM003)

Tracks as per original UK release, not the same as the deluxe box version. Rear cover artwork, the band logo is slightly larger with a black outline, making it more distinguishable from the fiery background. Has MHM logo.

Ghost Of A Rose (MHM004)

CD artwork removes SPV logo and replaces it with MHM logo. The bands logo appears on the spine of the cover. Track listing is same as the basic UK version, however "Way to Mandalay" video has been added.

Many thanks to Kevin Dixon

31 December 2009
Happy New Year from Blackmore's Night

As we approach the night of the "Blue Moon" we know 2010 will bring us a year of magic and music. We wish you all Good health, Good friends, Love and Happiness, we hope to see you all in 2010 with the release of a brand new Blackmore's Night cd. Meanwhile, take the moments to enjoy your loved ones and the beauty of nature that surrounds you.

With Love and Best Wishes to all,

Candice, Ritchie and all the Minstrels of Blackmore's Night

7 October 2009
Blackmore’s Night & Candice Night on Facebook

You can now follow Blackmore’s Night and Candice Night on their respective Facebook pages.

6 May 2009
Birthday of our favourite Minstrelette - Candice Night

May bring the birthday of our favourite Minstrelette - Candice Night on May 8. If you would like to send Birthday wishes to the lovely Candice - please send them to
These messages will be sent directly to Candice from May 6 through May 10.

6 May 2009
New album out in 2010

Our minstrels have been back in the studio working on a new Blackmore's Night CD for release in 2010.

21 April 2009
Real Weddings: Candice and Ritchie

Candice Night shares some more memorable moments from the wedding and some nice photos.

21 April 2009
Cartouche online fanzine Wedding & Christmas Special

Just wanted to remind everybody of the latest issue (Wedding & Christmas Special) of the excellent Cartouche online fanzine done by Mike Garret and Kevin Dixon.

This free online fanzine is available in several formats:



Rapidshare PDF

8 April 2009
Birthday of our favourite minstrel: Ritchie Blackmore

April bring the birthday of our favourite minstrel: Ritchie Blackmore on April 14. For those of you wishing to send special greeting to Ritchie - please use this special email account: All messages will be sent directly to Ritchie.

All messages received from April 8 through April 16 will be forwarded. Please do NOT use the BNcomments site or as messages on these will not get relayed to Ritchie.

We wish you all enjoyment and peace at this beautiful time of year and Happy Holidays to all - from Blackmore's Night!

7 May 2008
Secret Voyage release date & sound clipsSecret Voyage CD

The new Blackmore’s Night album Secret Voyage will be released in Sweden and the rest of Europe on June 30 2008, for Germany the release date is June 27 and for USA it’s June 15. Track list and sound clips of all 12 songs are available here courtesy of SPV and here you can read Candice Night’s track-by-track comments on the new songs.

4 May 2008
Candice Night birthday

Special gift for the fans - to celebrate the birthday of our favourite minstrelette Candice Night on May 8. Blackmore's Night will be giving the fans a free gift - For every item ordered between May 6 and May 10 everyone will receive a free gift in honour of Candice Night's Birthday!

If you wish to send Candice birthday greetings please send them to They will all be personally presented to Candice on her birthday.

19 April 2008
Cartouche the free online Ritchie Blackmore fanzine

Due to the splendid work of Mike Garrett Issue 1 of Cartouche the free online Ritchie Blackmore fanzine is online now. You can save the pages on your own computer and print it all out if you want a paper version. That will give you nearly 60 pages of Blackmore's Night and related information for free!

12 April 2008
Scandinavian Street Team

We are currently looking for Blackmore’s Night fans who would like to join our Scandinavian Street Team. We need help in distributing posters, flyers, promo cards etc, etc. At the moment we need people in the Stockholm, Sweden area. So if you live in the Stockholm area and would like to help out please contact us at: We might have a nice surprise for Street Team members.

If you live elsewhere in Scandinavia we might need you for future missions. So please mail your interest anyway.

Please include in your mail full name and address, email address and which city/cities you would be able to distribute in.

Looking forward to hear from you, thanks for your help!

11 April 2008
New multi instrumentalist/harmony vocalist joins Blackmore's Night

Blackmore's Night is proud to announce the addition of Gypsy Rose to our group of Minstrels. Before joining the band, Gypsy Rose was travelling the countryside with a band of rogue fiddlers. When she first heard Blackmore's Night she immediately became enchanted with their mystic melodies and found herself unable to play anything but Ghost of a Rose! Though they tolerated this behaviour for a time, the wild-hearted gypsies soon grew tired of the soothing, sweet melody and cast her off the vardo. Aimlessly wandering the valleys and hills, Gypsy Rose searched for the magical minstrels who had captured her bow. A chance meeting with Master Blackmore and Lady Candice led to the only true remedy for her problem: a strict daily regimen of Cartouche, Ariel, and very strong ale!

Special gift for the fans

Special gift for the fans - to celebrate the birthday of our favourite minstrel on April 14. Blackmore's Night will be giving the fans a free gift - for anyone who orders any of the Blackmore's Night shirts between April 1 and April 14. We all share in the celebration of the day!

30 March 2008
Two new musicians joins Blackmore's Night

Two new musicians have joined Blackmore's Night for the upcoming summer tour, Lady Elizabeth (Violin) and Earl Grey of Chemey (Bass). A warm welcome to the BN family!

21 March 2008
Fright Night Kerrang! Radio show interview online

The audio recording of the Fright Night Kerrang! Radio show interview (see below) with Ritchie and Candice has been made available. Thanks to Dave Basso (member of the UK Street Team) for arranging this very interesting interview. The interview is split in 2 parts. Part 1 | Part 2

14 March 2008
Blackmore's Night on the Yvette Fielding Fright Night Kerrang! Radio show

Ritchie Blackmore and Candice Night will be interviewed live, as guest of paranormal radio presenter
Yvette Fielding on her Fright Night (Kerrang! Radio) show.

Friday 14th March 2008 10.30pm UK time (5.30pm East USA/NY time)

The internet radio stream link is:

20 January 2008
Candice Night to co-star in horror film

Filming Scheduled for New York and North Carolina Spring 2008.

New York, NY—(January 17, 2008) Multi-instrumentalist/singer/songwriter Candice Night of the Renaissance-flavoured Blackmore's Night will appear in the supernatural thriller House Of Eternity, along with Queensryche vocalist Geoff Tate, a major motion picture set for release in the fourth quarter of 2008 from Fires At Midnight Films. The movie will feature new music by Candice Night and Blackmore's Night. Additional artists TBA.

Night's character is Emily Grayson, the wife of the film's antagonist whose life becomes embroiled in the post-witch hunt paranoia of the 1700's.

“House Of Eternity contains something for everyone,” says Candice, “memorable characters struggling against powers far greater than they, desperate, heart-pounding action, and innovative approaches to classic horror; even humour and a forlorn love. Plus, there’s a villain who will become timeless.”

Candice, currently in the studio with legendary guitarist Ritchie Blackmore are recording the next Blackmore’s Night album, due this summer.

Paris Moon is Number 1

Blackmore's Night Paris Moon is Number 1; for November and Number 1 for December 2007, in the top 100 New Age Reporter Radio charts in USA. And Winter Carols is number 3 for December 2007! Congratulations Candice and Ritchie!

Morley Seaver interview with Candice Night

Morley Seaver from antiMusic did an interview with Candice Night recently.

29 December 2007
Candice Night radio interview

Candice Night did recently an interview with Lifestyles Magazine.

25 December 2007
The 2007 Greatest Guitarist Poll winner is Ritchie Blackmore

Arise Sir Ritchie!

This makes it 4 years in a row for our Ritchie at

Yes, following the internal investigations it was found that over the last weekend of voting there was an automated multiple voting program being used by a single person for Derek Trucks, as pointed out by many of our readers on this website. We have now taken these votes out and following a recount we can confirm that Ritchie Blackmore has indeed won the poll for the 4th year running.

The following are comments left by voters when choosing Ritchie as their favourite guitarist. We've not included them all as it is very repetitive; however here are around 500 of them in alphabetic order. You may recognise yours. The spellings are by the voters! Our favourite fan comment (from jcs4jbem) has Ritchie being knighted! Now there's an idea. In the meantime please vote for Ritchie to be inducted into the hall of fame here.

Any comments about the poll results please contact us. One common thread throughout the fan comments is the lack of recognition Ritchie gets. Well, there's plenty enjoy!

Candice Night live interview online

Many thanks to Dave Basso (Blackmores Night UK Street Team) for arranging the recent Candice Night interview, with BBC West Midland radio presenter Paul Franks.

The interview, from each file link, will take several minutes to download. The song and final goodbyes have been edited, in order to get the interview onto two files. If you like the interview, please send a thank you message to Paul Franks at: as this will encourage him to support the band further. Thank You!

Candice Night Classic Rock Revisited interview

Classic Rock Revisited have posted an in depth interview with Candice Night on Paris Moon and Winter Carols. "This is a candid interview with a Candice Night, a refreshing breath of fresh air whose internal light is shining brightly, illuminating the path they have chosen to follow" - Classic Rock Revisited.Paris Moon DVD

Paris Moon DVD chart entries

Paris Moon has entered the DVD charts at:
UK #26
Italy #16,
Sweden #10
Germany # 07
France #40
Greece #06

Ritchie Blackmore interview online

CNN have a video interview available online, in which Ritchie Blackmore discusses 'Smoke On The Water' with Richard Quest. Entertaining stuff indeed with Ritchie demonstrating how to (and not to) play the famous riff. Backwards Beethoven? Quest for rock 'n' roll...

21 February 2006
Tour Roadie's Diary published on the Net

BLACKMORE'S NIGHT: UK 2005 Tour; Roadie's Diary is published on the Net!
Mike Garrett (Lincolnshire Fan Club) was lucky to work with the Geyers and Blackmore's Night as part of the 2005 UK Tour. Mike kept an extensive diary and photographic record and it is now publish it as part of the new Blackmore's Night UK Street Team website, with official authorisation from Blackmore Productions:

3 February 2006
The Village Lanterne will be released 27 March

SPV has made a special website to promote the new album The Village Lanterne. The album will be released in Europe on 27 March 2006.

Click here

18 January 2006
Ritchie & Candice to appear live on US TV

Exclusive premiere on Monday, January 30 at 8 PM on WLIW21 New York Public Television with Ritchie Blackmore & Candice Night LIVE in the studio!

Don't miss the exclusive premiere of Blackmore’s Night: Castles & Dreams on Monday, January 30 at 8 pm on WLIW21 New York Public Television with Ritchie Blackmore and Candice Night LIVE in the studio. Ritchie and Candice will speak about their new DVD, experiences on the road, and upcoming tour and studio CD. The couple might even give an impromptu performance. During the broadcast premiere of the concert special, we hope you will support WLIW21's decision to air the kind of music programming you wouldn't see on commercial channels or cable. When you call 1.800.767.2121 or visit (click "support21", then click "become a member") and make a donation there are various "thank you" gifts for your contribution, along with WLIW membership benefits like discounts to local museums. The success of this show in the New York metropolitan area may influence public television stations across the country to pick up the special.

If you do not live in the New York metro-area, you can contact your local public television station at to find March airdates in your area for Blackmore's Night: Castles & Dreams. If your station does not have this special scheduled please call or write them to let them know you want to see Blackmore's Night on TV in your town. Once a station sees public demand for a show it might convince them to add it to their schedule.

20 December 2005
Postcards from the road

Squire Malcolm and Bard David were kind enough to send postcards whilst on tour in Scandinavia. Malcolm sent from Copenhagen and David sent from Oslo.

Copenhagen front back | Oslo front back

19 December 2005
Village Lanterne to be released on 24 February 2006

The preliminary release date for Sweden (and probably most of Europe) for the new album Village Lanterne is 24 February 2006. The album will be available in two versions a regular one and a limited edition version. The Japanese version will have the bonus track Ones In A Garden.

1.25 years
2.Olde Village Lanterne
3.I Guess It Doesn't Matter Anymore
4.The Messenger
5.World Of Stone
6.Faerie Queen
7.St. Teresa
8.Village Dance
9.Mond Tanz / Child In Time
10.Streets Of London
11.Just Call My Name (I'll Be There)
12.Olde Mill Inn
14.Street Of Dreams
15.Street Of Dreams featuring Joe Lynn Turner **Special Track

13 September 2005
Village Lanterne to be released in November

According to Candice: "We are still in the process of mixing the new album. The title will be the Village Lanterne and we are planning on releasing throughout Europe in November. Japan will be releasing in January and USA, Canada and South America should be around the same time as Japan."

27 August 2005
Candice Night will guest on Helloween's new album

Candice Night will guest on the song Light The Universe from Helloween's upcoming album Keeper Of The Seven Keys part III: The Legacy which will be released on 31 October through SPV.

Apparently Blackmore's Night new single I'll Be There (Just Call My Name) will only be released in Germany. They performed the upcoming single at the Fernsehegarten TV-show in Germany on 14 August and you can watch the performance here. You need Windows Media Player.

21 August 2005
New album "Village Lanterne" in early 2006

The new album "Village Lanterne" is expected to be released in early 2006. However, on 5 September the new single 'I'll Be There (Just Call My Name)' will get its release. You can listen to a preview of 'I'll Be There (Just Call My Name)' here and the "B-side" of the single 'Old Mill In' here.

16 July 2005
New album and tour in October

The new DVD "Castles & Dreams" is flying high on the European charts. "Castles & Dreams" will be released in USA, Japan, Brazil, Canada and Africa in October. There will also be a brand new Blackmore's Night CD coming out in October world wide. New tour dates will be announced soon for an October tour in Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, France, Norway, Scotland and England and for those of you who can tune in 14 August in Germany, Blackmore's Night will be performing a song from their new CD on the Fernsehegarten TV show.

3 June 2005
Castles & Dreams preview

SPV have launched a preview of the "Castles & Dreams" DVD, which is out now, and also an e-card with info about the DVD. Click here for the video and here for the e-card. You need Real Player.

25 May 2005
Fan appreciation concert SOLD OUT!

For the wonderful, devoted Blackmore's Night "family" of fans and friends Blackmore's Night have planned a special fan appreciation concert on 8 August in Germany. Contact [removed] or [removed] for more information. This performance will be admission by special pass only and space is very limited. It will include dinner, drink and intimate performance. Renaissance/medieval garb is mandatory.

16 May 2005
Music Connection Magazine: Blackmore Rises Above The Sunset

The current issue of Music Connection Magazine features a short article about Blackmore's Night's recent LA performance. Click here.




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