Shadow Of The Moon

Lyrics / Shadow Of The Moon


1. Shadow Of The Moon
2. The Clock Ticks On
3. Be Mine Tonight
4. Play Minstrel Play
5. Ocean Gypsy
6. Minstrel Hall
7. Magical World
 8. Writing On The Wall
 9. Renaissance Faire
10. Memmingen
11. No Second Chance
12. Mond Tanz
13. Spirit of the Sea
14. Greensleeves
15. Wish You Were Here





Shadow Of The Moon

Shadow of the moon, Shadow of the moon

In the shadow of the moon,
She danced in the starlight
Whispering a haunting tune
To the night...

Velvet skirts spun 'round and 'round
Fire in her stare
In the woods without a sound
No one cared...

Through the darkened fields entrance,
Music made her poor heart dance,
Thinking of a lost romance...
Long ago...

Feeling lonely, felling sad,
She cried in the moonlight.
Driven by a world gone mad
She took flight...

"Feel no sorrow, feel no pain,
Feel no hurt, there's nothing gained...
Only love will remain,"
She would say.

Shadow of the moon... Shadow of the moon...

Somewhere just beyond the mist
Spirits were seen flying
As the lightning led her way
Through the dark...

Shadow of the moon...

The Clock Ticks On

As the wind chimes play along the breeze
Singing songs to stir the soul,
Rainbow colours entwined in fairytales
On the maypole...

Sing the song of lands from far away,
Other time and another place,
The wind can carry us all away from here
Charmed in her embrace...

Leaves turn to red, the nights are getting colder,
Seasons will change, the clock ticks on...
Leaves fill the trees as the days are getting warmer,
Days turn to years, the clock ticks on...

A cloak and dagger, no fear of freedom
When hearts beat in another time,
Ever changing, the clock ticks on,
If only in your mind

The wind has died and the chimes are still again
The trees stand tall as they cover me in shade
In the mirror a made stares at me
As the secret fades...

And though the clock ticks on to the future
It's in the past my heart will stay
In a time so far away from me
I'll return someday...

Be Mine Tonight

Be mine tonight
We'll travel through all our memories,
In our own little space in time,
You've always be mine...

Through the years,
I feel your love beside me
Through the laughter and the tears,
You've conquered all my fears...

So many stories,
So many treasures,
So much our lifes ahs shared...
We've done it all and we've done it together,
You know I've always cared...

In this heart,
There'll never be another,
You have made my life complete,
Our love is like a dream...

Take my hand,
Nothing can come between us,
We were always ment to be,
Forever, you and me...

In my eyes,
Your face is always here before me,
Our souls are now as one...
We've only just begun

Play Minstrel Play

Underneath the harvest moon
Where the ancient shadows will play and hide...
With ghosty time and devil's pride...
"Stranger" whispered all the town
Has he come to save us from Satan's hand?
Leading them away to a foreign land...

Play for me, minstrel, play
And take away our sorrows...
Play for me, minstrel, play
And we'll follow...
Hear, listen, can you hear,
The haunting melody surrounding you,
Weaving a magic spell all around you...

Danger hidden in his eyes,
We should have seen it from far away,
Wearing such a thin disguise in the light of day...
He held the answer so our prayers,
Yet it was to good to be...
Proof before our eyes, yet we could not see...

Ocean Gypsy

Tried to take it all away,
Learn her freedom... just inside a day,
And find her soul to find there fears are laid...
Tried to make her love their own,
They took her love... they left her there,
They gave her nothing back that she would want to own...

Gold and silver rings and stones,
Dances slowly off the moon,
No one lese could know, she stands alone...
Sleeping dreams will reach for her,
She can not say the words that they need,
She knows she's alone and she is free...

Ocean Gypsy of the moon,
The sun has made a thousand nights for you to hold...
Ocean Gypsy where are you?
The shadows followed by the stars have turned to gold...
Turned to gold...

Then she met a hollow soul,
Filled him with her light and was consoled,
She was the moon and the sun was gold...
Eyes were blinded with his light...
The sun she gave reflected back the night
The moon was waning, almost out of sight...

Softly Ocean Gypsy calls...
Silence hold the stars a while,
They smile sadly for her where she falls...
Just the time before the dawn,
The sae is hushed the ocean calls her,
Day has taken her and now she's gone...

No one noticed when she died,
Ocean Gypsy shackled to the tide,
The ebbing waves, the turning spreading white...

Something gone within her eyes,
Her fingers, lifeless, stroke the sand,
Here battered soul was lost,
She was abandoned...

Silken threads like wings still shine,
Wind swept pleasure still make patterns
in her lovely hair... so dark and fine...
Stands on high beneath the seas, cries no more,
her tears have dried...
Ocean weep for her, the ocean sighs...

Minstrel Hall


Magical World

I called your name out loud in the courtyard,
The crystal I held was like an old friend
The vines crawled the walls
The wind its breath
But the answer I longed for never came...

Your name, they had said,
Was cursed beyond measure,
The families at odds fought with poisoned tongues
And yet through the dark,
Of blind, bitter hate,
Broke a glittering light of two lover's fate...

Walls built between us,
Miles separate us,
Yet in our hearts, we share the same dream...
Feelings so strong,
We just must carry on,
On to our Magical World...

Destiny called them like a silver poem
They followed the dance 'till the music died out...
Last time they met was on a earth bed
Both knowing they'd met again in the light...

Walls built between us,
Miles separate us,
Yet in our hearts, we share the same dream...
Feelings so strong,
We just must carry on,
On to our Magical World...

In our Magical World, In our Magical World...

Fear not, dear Juliet, your Romeo's calling
He's waiting for you at the end of the song,
This world was too cruel... for lovers like you,
But here in our hearts you'll always live on...

Writing On The Wall

Is it powers of intuition?
Is it insecurity?
You know I can read your mind and
You have been deceiving me...

Which face wears the mask this evening?
When will your true colours show?
Will they be as black as shadows
Hiding 'neath the rainbow...

Had my heart on a sliver chain
With the words engraved
"I loved you"...
Like a swan that was lost at sea
I lost all of me
To you...
Now I see the writing on the wall...

Paranoia or perception?
Put your faith in liar's hands
Wanting to believe his words
But never knowing where he stands...

There's too many misconceptions
In this game of consequence
When you're finding that you hero
Is just who you're up against...

Renaissance Faire

I was told once, by a friend of mine,
She had seen an olden sign,
She said she was not from this time
And did I feel the same?

So i told her, "Yes", I knew her fear
As i felt the truth draw near,
Told her back three hundred years,
Was the time that I held dear...

Gather ye lords and ladies fair,
Come with me to the Renaissance Faire
Hurry now,
We're almost there
Fa, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la...

Through the shroud of mystery,
Turn a page of history,
Felling more than you can see,
Down at the Renaissance Faire.

Hear the minstrels play their tunes,
The will play the whole night through,
Special songs for me and you,
And anyone whose heart is true...

There's too many stars for one sky to hold,
Some will fall, others are sold,
As the fields turn gold
Down at the Renaissance Faire...



No Second Chance

My diamond's clouded over where it used to shine like light,
And the day keeps running faster,
Into the arms of night...

The stitches on the tapestry say,
"Everything in time,
Will find it's way home again,"
But I'm tired of crying...

No Second Chances
Don't knock on the door
There won't be any answer
I won't be here no more...
This house we had together
Might still be in its place
But the rest is much to hard to face,
There'll be No Second Chance...

Lovely moonlit hours we spent
Walking on the beach,
We'd gaze up at the stars,
I swear they were in our reach...

But time... it went on,
Minutes... they ran to fast,
Like you they were gone...
Into the past...

Mond Tanz


Spirit of the Sea

I took a walk along the shore
To clear my mind about the day,
I saw a man I'd seen before
As I approached, he slipped away...

I knew his face from years ago,
His smile stays with me ever more
His eyes, they guide me through the haze
And give me shelter from the storm...

As I walk I can feel him,
Always watching over me...
His voice surrounds me,
My Spirit of the Sea...

He went away so long ago,
On a maiden voyage far away
A young man then I did not know,
His life was taken that same day...

And it was almost as he knew
He wouldn't see me anymore
He looked so deeply in my eyes and said
"Wait for me along the shore..."

And so I come most every day,
To watch the waves rise and fall,
And as I here on the sand,
This ocean makes me feel so small...

But I feel my lover by my side,
And he makes me follow my own heart
We'll be together some sweet day
When that day comes we'll never part...

When that day comes we'll never part...
Wait for me along the shore...


Traditional composition by anonymous

Music arranged by Blackmore 1997

Alas my love, ye do me wrong to cast me out discourteously,
And I have loved you for so long delighting in your company…

Greensleeves was all my joy,
Greensleeves was my delight,
Greensleeves was my heart of gold,
And who but Lady Greensleeves...

Wish You Were Here

Wish You Were Here...
'Me, oh, my country man,
Wish You Were Here...

I Wish You Were Here...
Don't you know, the snow is getting colder,
And I miss you like hell,
And I'm feeling blue...

I've got feelings for you,
Do you still feel the same?
From the first time I laid my eyes on you,
I felt joy of living,
I saw heaven in your eyes...
In your eyes...

I Wish You Were Here,
Don't you know the snow is getting colder,
And I miss you like hell...
And I'm feeling blue...

I miss your laugh, I miss your smile,
I miss everything about you...
Every second's like a minute,
Every minute's like a day
When you're far away...

The snow is getting colder, baby,
I Wish You Were Here...
A battlefield of love and fear,
And I Wish You Were Here...

I've got feelings for you,
From the first time I laid my eyes on you...


Written by Emil Björklund & Per Djerf

Copyright © 2001-2011 All rights reserved.