Rabenstein 13 Oct 2001


After a long time without any concerts :( - at least Copenhagen had been a great show, I left Sweden Friday morning, to drive the 960 km down to Rabenstein. Luckily we had heard about the Gothenburg gig being cancelled before going there, but Stockholm had been a long way to go just to pick up a poster (1000 miles. A few phone calls in the morning seemed to indicate the gig was going to happen, so we travelled up from the south of Sweden. The band had already done their soundcheck and the support (Faust, a Swedish medieval band with a German playing as well) were just busy rehearsing, when it was announced the show was not to take place. Amongst the very disappointed fans outside -many of them had shown up in costumes - was Glenn Hughes' guitarist JJ Marsh. After a short dinner at the venue we went along to the band's hotel and later to an Irish pub - well, some left earlier and being given the wrong directions by the locals (and Tina asked them in Swedish, so it was not due to communication problems) there were two parties in two different Irish pubs. Anyway, it was dry inside and they had Guiness... So much to the two great concerts in Sweden... Having arrived at the Castle at about 7.30 (all alone, due to work Tina and the other Swedes couldn't leave till Friday night)I met Rainer and some more maniacs...we went out to have some dinner, returning to the castle later for a few (?) drinks. After a while we were summoned upstairs to join the band for some more drinks - do I still remember ? It turned out to be a nice evening after a long and strenuous drive.The next day saw the arrival of people from all over Europe and according to rumours some beers seem to have been downed. But that's just rumours... At around 5 pm the doors opened to let the people fill their empty stomachs with some quite decent food. This buffet was included in the 100 DM ticket, as well as beverages ( no spirits or wine, but the beer was free!!!!)

Those people who dared to make an appearance without costumes could rent one for the concert at the castle, so the audience fitted in well in the surroundings.

The proceedings then began with a couple of very nice songs being performed by Vita. She was a bit nervous, but she did a wonderful job. Then Albert played his short set, and once again some strange people accompanied him during his last piece of music.

And, for the last time this year , Blackmore's Night went on stage. Due to the location there was no backdrop and the 'stage' was only about 5 inches high - not that anyone minded. The proceedings began in the usual way, Shadow of the Moon being the first song, followed by Morning Star. The introduction to that song was called a gypsy song.Play Minstrel Play was performed next, then Minstrel Hall. As it was an acoustic only night 16th Century Greensleeves wasn't played. Durch den Wald zum Bach Haus was enriched by a grand ending, leaving the audience stunned. No electric solo in Fires, but the way Ritchie played the solo I don't think anybody missed the strat - so melodic, subtle, with so much feeling... Realising they had forgotten to play Under a Violet Moon they made it follow Fires. Midwinter's Night was played on the 12-String Lakewood and then Ritchie said they were about to play a very sad song, baffling Candice for a while - it was to be Home Again. Pastime and Renaissance Faire both featured Albert again, who also played a solo intro to The Clock Ticks On. During that song Ritchie used Possum as a plectrum - soon to be sold by Fender custom shop, for just $ 3000 (to go along with the price of the signature model). Hanging Tree and a very moving I Still Remember concluded the main set. The encore began with Ritchie walking in with a very long stick to help his legs cover the long distance across the stage. The encores included a nice version of Crowning of the King, with Albert playing the Bagpipes. The song ended with March the heroes home. Then Ritchie played Beyond the Sunset. The very moving way he played it is best reflected in his own words after the song: 'If this hasn't made you cry the next one will', thus introducing Again Someday. They left the stage again to give the audience the opportunity of drying their tears...and then came back to play All because of you - acoustic version! This meant that Carmine had to put in some extra work and it certainly changed the song considerably. The very last song was, what else could it be, Now and Then, the cause of another river of tears...and so the concert had come to an end, 2 hours and 55 minutes... But it was not to be the end of the evening...after some waiting, when the majority of people had left, we helped to carry some logs to the open fire place on the balcony. Ritchie and Candice did an interview and then began to play and talk. It was such a wonderful night (and some drinking was involved) just too much to tell it all. Just a few of the many songs that were played by Ritchie and Candice (Ritchie made Vita play some songs, too - 'very nice', to quote ...): " songs of the forthcoming album (Queen for a day ?, don't remember the other title). And they played Waiting just for you ! Ritchie also played a couple of Beatles songs (We can work it out, Yesterday). The proceedings came to an end at around 7.15 am...well I didn't get any sleep till 5 pm the same day, but that's a different story. A wonderful end to an exhausting tour with lots of miles done in vain (well, to get a poster...) Looking forward to seeing the fires burn again at midnight !

Setlist: Shadow of the moon Morning star Play minstrel play Minstrel Hall The times they are a changin' Soldier of Fortune Durch den Wald zum Bach haus Fires at midnight Under a violet moon Midwinter's night Home again Pastime with good company Catherine Howard's fate Renaissance Faire The clock ticks on Hanging tree I still remember

1st encore:

Wish you were here/Ocean Gypsy Crowning of the King/March the Heroes home Beyond the sunset Again someday

2nd encore:

All because of you Now and then

- Rainer Klos


Schloss Rabenstein

Albert from the Geyers


Chris and Bob

Ritchie using Possum as a slide

Candice and Ritchie

Albert, Carmine, Ritchie and Candice after the show

Ritchie and Candice after the show



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