Germany 2002

Castle Plassenburg, Kulmbach 21 July

Intro: Written In The Stars
Shadow Of The Moon
Morning Star
Play Minstrel Play
Hanging Tree
Under A Violet Moon
Soldier Of Fortune
Durch Den Wald Zum Bach Haus
Village On The Sand
Rainbow Blues (new song)
Fires At Midnight
Mid Winter's Night
Past Time With Good Company
Home Again
Renaissance Fair
I Still Remember
Beethoven's Ninth
Self Portrait

The Clock Ticks On
Wish You Were Here / Ocean Gypsy
Writing On The Wall
Beyond The Sunset
Now And Then

Showtime approx 153 minutes

Supporting band were The Geyers, Ritchie's favourite band. Blackmore's Night appeared to be in good spirit especially Ritchie. Due to obvious reasons the band didn't seemed to be as tight as they were on the spring tour. However, Lord Marnen had a good musical feeling and will probably be more interactive with the band as the tour progresses.

Ritchie played an amazing intro to The Clock Ticks On on hurdy gurdy.
The Japanese fellow Ten and his wife attended their 100 (!) BN show
this evening and were acknowledged from stage.

Review by phone from Claes-Håkan Abrahamsson

Castle Wertheim, Wertheim 7 August

1. Shadow Of The Moon
2. Morning Star
3. Play Minstrel Play
4. Minstrel Hall
5. Hanging Tree
6. Under A Violet Moon
7. Soldier Of Fortune
8. Durch Den Wald Zum Bach Haus
9. Price draw - winner of the guitar picked by Ritchie
10. Keyboard Solo
11. Fires At Midnight
12. Midwinter's Night
13. Home Again
14. Pastime With Good Company
15. Wind In The Willows
16. Catherine Howard's Fate
17. Renaissance Faire
18. I Still Remember
19 Village On The Sand
20. Difficult To Cure
21. Self Portrait

22. The Clock Ticks On (with Geyers)
23. Beyond The Sunset
24. Wish You Were Here
25. Ocean Gypsy
26. All Because Of You
27. The Storm
28. Now And Then

Showtime approx 153 minutes

The castle of Wertheim is the right setting for a Blackmore's Night show, a lovely castle ruin giving spectacular views over the town of Wertheim and the rivers Main and Tauber. In the afternoon the sky had been very cloudy and a few hours before the show it had started to rain. Was this going to be a very cold evening with a shortened show, due to the weather? No, the rain ceased in time... The Geyers once again opened the show and were rewarded with standing ovations at the end of their

Blackmore's Night hit the stage at 5 minutes to nine. And it was going to be a good show that night. Minstrel Hall once again highlighted Ritchie's skills, a wonderful intro and outro being added to the song, stunning the audience. After the next instrumental, Durch Den Wald Zum Bach Haus, the winner of the guitar was drawn by Ritchie. Contrary to many people's hopes it was not one of Ritchie's guitars that were given away, but a cherry-red Squire Strat. As the winner was not present Ritchie did not bother signing the guitar on stage but preferred to go on with the concert. As they were about to start playing Fires At Midnight Candice noticed she had forgotten the reed of her renaissance flute (whatever the real name of that instrument may be), so Ritchie told Carmine to play
some Bach on the keyboards. The guitar solo in 'Fires' was once again very nicely played, Ritchie using the slide quite a bit. In Home Again the band this time did not 'go' to Israel or Hungary, Ritchie decided on Norway instead, playing Grieg's 'The Hall Of The Mountain King'. When Marnen and Candice played their flute duet in 'Pastime' Ritchie signalled the rest of the band to stop playing - of course neither of the two flutists had been warned.

After a very moving I Still Remember Ritchie picked up the mandolin for Village On The Sand. He surprised Candice and the band by adding a solo on his Strat, which was very much appreciated by the crowd. Difficult To Cure was begun with a little jam and Self Portrait ended the regular set.

The encores began with The Clock Ticks On, the Geyers entering the stage near the end of the song. A very touching Beyond The Sunset
followed. During the encores the black Strat reappeared after a very long absence... All Because Of You and The Storm were played, much to the delight of the crowd. Unfortunately the next song was Now And Then... always nice to listen to, but also very sad, as it indicates the show (in this case the tour) has come to its end. This show was a good way of ending the tour, definitely amongst the strongest performances.
Let the next tour begin...

Review by
Rainer Klos

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