Copenhagen 7 Oct 2001


Once again a sold-out show, taking place at the Amager Bio. We soon got the bad news that Ritchie was ill, so what were we to expect?
When they let the people in costume's in first Ritchie was just walking around the stage, saying he had a cold (well, it seems to be a bad one).
Mostly Autumn began at about 8:30, contrary to the announced beginning of 9 pm. They were joined by a 'phantom tambourine player', hidden behind the stage curtain. Heather saying there was a ghost made the ghost reply he had a cold, so you can all guess who that tambourine player was...
Blackmore's Night came on stage at about 9:15, without the intro tape having been played. Having done Shadow of the moon, the guitar had to be tuned again, so Chris got to play the longest intro to that song I've ever heard. Play Minstrel Play followed and then came Minstrel Hall. This version was outstanding. A beautiful intro, at times quiet and slowly, then fast flowing arpeggios would follow - everybody was amazed. After the actual song Ritchie decided to add a wonderful end to it, it just had to be standing ovations from everybody after this performance. Under a violet Moon was followed by the next breathtaking performance: 16th Century Greensleeves. During the riff he suddenly decided to take the bottleneck and played around for quite a while before actually getting into the song. Then the solo came. I'm lost for words, this was so brilliant...I have no idea how long the solo went on, but it certainly was a very, very long one. At one stage he gave his Strat the treatment it so often used to get back in the Purple and Rainbow days - after a while having it unplugged. Surely the best 16th Century Greensleeves I've ever heard.
Soldier of Fortune and Bach Haus were standard quality. Fires at Midnight was another great one, and Ritchie made Bob and Carmine play a solo. His own solo thus was a little shorter, probably due to the fact that he was getting really exhausted. Before the storm Ritchie got Candice to ask the audience to spot the mistakes they would make. The reason for this was the unusual version (minus one verse) they had played in Tilburg.The rest of the show was not as exciting as the first half, but still a good standard. After Spanish Nights (including Mostly Autumn's Brian on rhythm guitar again) the band was introduced and the clock ticks on eneded the regular song. The only flaw of the show was that they only played one encore, I Still Remeber. Nevertheless everybody seemed to have enjoyed the show very much.

Time to get ready for Gothenburg

Setlist (140 minutes)

Shadow of the moon
Morning star
Play minstrel play
Minstrel hall
Under a violet moon
16thCentury Greensleeves
Soldier of fortune
Durch den Wald zum Bachhaus
Fires at midnight
Midwinter's night
Home again
Pastime with good company
Catherine Howard's fate
Possum goes to Prague
Renaissance Faire
Spanish nights
The clock ticks on


I still remember

- Rainer Klos




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