Biography / Candice Night


This modern day Cinderella lives her career of Castles and Dreams - with passion and excitement - drawing her energies and imagery from the sources of nature she embraces for her inspiration.

Having ended her career as a model Candice started working for Long Island’s WBAB-FM radio. A good decision, all Blackmore’s Night fans should think, as it had to do with this station that she first met Ritchie. During a Deep Purple tour a promotional football match between a Deep Purple team and a team of her radio station was arranged. Candice went to watch the match, supporting her WBAB team. It was during this match that she was noticed by Ritchie. When she approached him after the match, asking for an autograph, he was struck by her appearance. Later he sent out his roadies to find and invite her. And that was to be the beginning of a wonderful love story..

During Deep Purple’s Battle Rages On Tour in 93 Candice did some backing vocals, which might be considered as the start of her career as a singer. Taking one step further, she did some co-writing for Rainbow’s ‘Stranger In Us All’ album. The tracks she contibuted wonderful lyrics to are *Wolf To The Moon’ , ‘Ariel’ , ‘Black Masquerade’ and ‘Hall Of The Mountain King’ . During the ensuing tour she once again did the background vocals. As she did her singing from the side of the stage attention would only berealy focused on her when she sometimes was brought to the front of the stage at the end of 'Ariel’. In 97, while still touring with Rainbow, Candice and Ritchie finished their first Blackmore’s Night album, ‘Shadow Of The Moon’. Here, at last, she took over the duties as the lead singer, her enchanting voice wonderfully contributing to the intricate, melodic and majestic music that can be heard on the album.

Since then Blackmore's Night have released two more magnificent albums and have played many wonderful concerts in magical settings (see Ritchie's biography for more details). Let's hope this wonderful band will keep on delighting us with their beautiful music for a very long time...

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